Internship Incentives

Internship Incentive Payments

With HireUp, starting your next internship may be easier and more affordable than ever before. 

For interns meeting program eligibility, up to 480 hours of internship experience may be paid for through an innovative partnership with Workforce Connections and the One-Stop Career Center. 

To access funding, interns simply use the HireUp portal to identify the internship opportunity they would like to pursue. Then, if the internship is posted as unpaid, students may contact the One-Stop Career Center to determine whether or not they are eligible for incentive payments. If approved, funding is provided directly to HireUp interns. To be eligible, a youth must be: 

  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Have a qualifying barrier to employment 
  • Additional requirements vary and will be discussed during eligibility call with the One-Stop Career Center

Along the way, the team at the One-Stop Career Center will make the funding process as simple as possible by working with you to complete all of the required paperwork, including the development of a training plan. 

Our hope is that some internships lead to full-time jobs. However, transitioning interns to full-time employees is not a funding requirement. 

For general questions, please contact Jake McClelland at (702) 376-3892 or

To learn more about eligibility requirements, please contact Alan Ramirez at (702) 971-0474 or