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5 Reasons to Hire an Intern

5 Reasons to Hire an Intern

Internships may seem mystifying to some, but they’re actually the present and future of workforce training. They are critical to elevating the economy. Upskilling, training, and educating: these are words you will hear often in the economic development world as they pertain to the future of our workforce. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and bringing an apprentice on not only gives your company a boost, but it boosts the local workforce as well as that deserving individual.


Here are some great reasons why you should consider bringing an intern (or a few!) on board. 


They Help You Fill Gaps

If there’s a shortage in your workforce, there’s no reason not to explore internships to meet your business’ needs. It’s a win-win scenario: you are getting the labor you need at a lesser cost, and you are building up a worthy worker’s career. 


You’ll Pay It Forward

Do you remember the time when you were starting out? It may not have been easy to land a gig in your desired field. But, you did it, and now you’re successful in your industry. Why not show another young worker the way? By hiring an intern, you’ll be helping them build the skills necessary to achieve their goals in the field you both love.


You’ll Show Them Your Way

When you hire an intern, you can tailor their education and experience to meet the needs of your business. That way, they don’t need to learn how it’s done anywhere else, and they’ll be learning valuable skills at the same time. Take this opportunity to build up the worker you want to see more of in your field.


They’ll Boost Your Bottom Line

Did you know that businesses who bring on apprentices actually increase their revenue? There’s no good reason to skip out on valuable internships. It’s guaranteed to benefit both you and the intern in question.


You’ll Show Them the Real World

It doesn’t hurt to bring the best workers possible into the fold early on. You’ll get to reap the benefits when they enter the industry full-time, and you’ll be the one to pave the path.